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About Mike



Mike is a born and raised Nebraskan, living in the state for nearly twenty years before leaving for college.  Mike chose to return home to raise his family.  Mike knows that Nebraska's culture of hard work, humility, and respect for others makes it an ideal place to raise a family and start a business.

Since moving home, Mike has done just that.  Mike and his wife Heather are raising their three girls, Alice (5), Elsie (2), and newborn Clara Jane in Northwest Lincoln.  Mike and Heather both are active in a number of groups in Lincoln, from their church to other civic organizations.

Mike also founded a small business with the goal of revolutionizing a bureaucratic, slow-changing, and unnecessarily expensive industry--the law.  Mike's practice specializes in complex intellectual property fights. Mike works every day with inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in protecting their businesses and intellectual property. Mike has also brought economic growth to North Lincoln; he has hired new attorneys and staff and expanded his business to Fallbrook.

Mike believes that it is important that families with young children are represented in the legislature--the only state senator based in Lincoln with young children will leave the unicameral because of term limits in 2016.

Friends of Mike Hilgers
1350 W. Silverado Dr., Lincoln, NE 68521
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