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I believe that conservative principles--implemented with energetic, diligent, and humble leadership--provide the best answers to both our current and future challenges.  

I believe that Nebraska will remain strong if its families have the opportunity to provide their children with an excellent education; if companies continue to create good, high-paying jobs; if Nebraskans can keep more of their hard-earned money; if our liberties are protected; and if we have a culture that respects innocent life.

Here are a few of the pressing issues that I hear about from my neighbors in Northwest Lincoln, and some of the issues on which I will focus as your next State Senator:

Helping Us Keep More of Our Own Money: Reduce Government Spending and Lower Taxes

Nebraska is constitutionally required to have a balanced budget, but a balanced budget does not mean we are being wise with our tax dollars. Any state that has taxes on social security and military retiree benefits and a maximum income tax rate of 6.84% that kicks in at about $29,000, has a spending problem.

Each day, families in Northwest Lincoln and Lancaster County work hard to ensure that their money is well spent and that they are not being wasteful.  Clipping coupons, shopping for good deals, paying down debt, and tending to our credit scores--these are all things we do to help stretch our dollar.

Where Nebraskans are thrifty and wise with their dollars, our government is not. Waste, inefficiency, skewed incentives and misplaced priorities lead to our government wasting too much of its citizens' dollars.  I know that energetically and diligently applying Nebraska common sense can result in reduced spending while still protecting critical services.

Just reducing spending is not enough--we have to take those savings and give them back to taxpayers.  Our neighbors and families need to keep more of their hard-earned money so that they can pay for the needs of their children, save for the future, give to charitable organizations, or spend in any way that they see fit.  As your next state senator, I will work to ensure that reductions in spending go back to your pocket.

Helping Us Keep More of Our Own Money: Attack High Healthcare Costs

The President’s health care law – ObamaCare – has proven to be a big problem for Nebraska. The health reform has caused skyrocketing individual premiums and deductibles. These increased costs crowd out other purchases or savings, and cause too many to go without insurance or, if they have insurance, to forgo care.

In addition, small businesses across the state continue to report that the new costs, and regulatory burdens, are impeding growth.

While the U.S. Congress works to replace ObamaCare, Nebraska legislators can do much to help encourage innovation in the marketplace for medical services.  I support efforts to lower the cost of care and help increase access to needed medical services to provide real relief for Nebraska families.

Strengthening Our Community's Long-Term Foundation: Education

Nebraska’s local schools have a strong record of academic achievement--and our people have an equally strong record of support for our schools.  The state has a responsibility to ensure that the school aid formula is fair, with an emphasis on accountability and transparency. 

We must also do more to ensure each student has access to the best education environment that meets their unique needs.  As you next state senator, I will continue to support our schools.

After investing so many resources in our educational system, it is critical that we don't lose that investment to another state by having our kids leave Nebraska and not return home.  I came back to Nebraska; I want to see others come home, too. That means supporting good jobs while making sure that Nebraska's high taxes do not drive seniors from the state; those thinking of returning home to Nebraska (or staying) are much less likely to do so if their parents have to leave Nebraska because of a high tax burden.

Strengthening Our Community's Long-Term Foundation: Transportation Infrastructure

Providing for a reliable, safe transportation infrastructure is a core responsibility of state government.  Nebraska, perhaps more than any state, understands the role infrastructure plays in growing the economy and creating jobs.  Building and maintaining quality roads supports trade and neighborhood growth while creating jobs.  State government must take its commitment to transportation infrastructure seriously.

Building A Just Society: A Culture Of Life

A just society protects innocent life and defends those without a voice.  I believe that we need a culture that respects and protects innocent life, from the unborn to the mentally ill. As your next state senator I will work with others to build a just society.

Defending Our Individual Liberties

The greatness of America and Nebraska starts with the individual freedoms that each of us have.  From freedom of speech to our Second Amendment rights, I will resolutely stand for the rights of all Nebraskans.

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